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munch club


My name is Nyasha Sakutukwa and I started out with a dream.  This dream was to create a space where I could combine my passion for food with my insatiable appetite for popular culture.   Borne out of that was Munch Club TV.  

Slowly but surely it has become a safe space for conversations from feminism to race to fat phobia and a whole bunch of subjects not easily accessible in mainstream media.  At the same time, Munch Club TV has presented an opportunity for guests to present a relaxed and entertaining version of themselves to both existing and potential fans.  I’ve also farted about whilst making simple to follow recipes.

The plan this year is to grow our online community through online and offline content which connects our audience with popular culture. Through this community Munch Club TV will be a champion of eradicating food poverty in the UK, integrating fundraising and food donations into all of its projects.  Below are some key facts provided by our partners at the Trussell Trust.

That’s about that really.  The most important thing is to let the food and the work do the talking.  Enjoy the site and the content 🙂

Safe x


Some stats on food poverty in those digits below these words..

484 thousand food parcels handed to children in 2018
million - number of three-day emergency food supplies given to people in crisis
percentage of food bank users citing benefits as a reason
tonnes of food parcels donated to Trussell Trust Food banks 2018